We work on system integration projects according to your special application requirements.

LEO Mühendislik is an authorized reseller and distributor of many industry standard sensors and systems including, GPS/INS systems, LiDAR sensor and systems, GNSS systems, automotive radars, radar and laser altimeters, camera systems and many more. LEO Mühendislik not only conducts sales activities but also provides continuous integration technical support for its customers. This quality, makes LEO Mühendislik unique in Turkish sensor sales companies landscape.

LEO Mühendislik serves to automotive, defence, mapping and surveying, marine, mining, construction, telecommunication, manufacturing industries with its experienced team with extensive experience at embedded SW/HW development, electronic circuit board design, RF microwave design, Windows/Linux/Android software design, novel algorithm design and test & measurement. Our management team also serves the customers with extensive knowledge at system engineering and incentive program operations.

We can provide our technical expertise to realize a system to meet your specific project requirement. We can economically include products that we are distributors of into systems and quickly deliver results. After a working prototype, if necessary we can finish the product for real-world conditions, and finally we can mitigate the product for serial manufacturing purposes.

Please review our system integration guidelines to know more about our work flows and our capabilities to know more about our skills.


After reaching us via e-mail or telephone, or met us at a tradeshow/conference event, we start by trying to understand your project needs from top to bottom. If mutual parties agree on collaborating a certain project, we first sign a mutual NDA. We define the scope of the work to be done precisely, because we believe that an undercalculated project would cost both ends of the agreement time and money.

After scope identification we conduct a literature review, and we receive consultation from our academic advisors on how to tackle the project challenges. If we aren’t working with an academic person from respective field at the time, we first start relations with the academy. After these efforts, we are able to determine whether the project is feasible (both economically and technically) or not.

If the project is found feasible, we proceed to quoting & timing stage, where we enlist every aspect of project development to calculate the costs precisely. The quotation and timeline are delivered to you for your consideration. If pricing and timeline found suitable we proceed to the contract stage.

After signing contract, we start design processes for required product. During the process, multiple proof-of-concepts will be revealed and this proof-of-concept products will be continuously tested due to given test requirements.

During the design & manufacturing stage, we continuously monitor the progress of development, administrate the cost & budget and analyze remaining timeline to avoid any delays at the milestones.

After completing the development stages, a product prototype is revealed. We deliver the test results along with the product to complete contractual obligations.

After the prototyping process, if customer requires product to be mitigated into mass production, we can conduct these efforts for customer with collaborating with customer. After all development stages, our development team and support team are always ready for any maintaining or troubleshooting.