We work as a software house for our customers.

In LEO Mühendislik, we are always eager to contribute into high-impact and disruptive projects. We are keen followers of almost every new trend in technology, and we always reach out to our client base and to our contacts that we have cultivated over the years, to propose new project ideas and new collaborations.

We have built a core team of software developers at LEO, and we grow in number as we start with new projects. Our large software development team not only consists of in-house developers but we welcome outside contributors as well. Our developers know a little from a lot of things about software engineering but they excel in particular topics individually.

Our specialities are embedded software design, artificial intelligence and machine learning, application programming, algorithm design with scientific tools, and software solutions for industrial systems. We are leaning towards to data science and hardware programming recently.

As LEO Mühendislik, identifies itself as “Autonomous Systems Expert”, recently our research team focused on implementing deep learning and machine learning into GPU architectures, to translate our sensory data (LiDARs, cameras, inertial systems, GPS etc.) into meaningful information and adapt it to real-time environments. We are also instrumenting an automobile with various sensors and we will be able to evaluate our algorithms in real world conditions.

As in embedded programming, We are currently able to build a custom hardware, develop hardware specific board support packages to interface with the software layer, develop device drivers, use various middlewares to mitigate different architectures, create applications and bind those applications with various services.

We are not a solution provider in “as-ordered” fashion. We engage with customers and work until we obtain the most optimized solution.


Embedded Programming


c-original cplusplus-original python-original

Platforms, Tools and Frameworks

linux-original raspi intel ARM Architectures

Deep Learning & Machine Learning


c-original cplusplus-original python-original matlab

Platforms, Tools and Frameworks

caffe main-thumb-t-449747-200-vosprwwgrsgxbcuogpvzqfdrnccpscnt tensorflow NVIDIA GPUs

Application Programming


csharp-original java-original python-original

Platforms, Tools and Frameworks

qt .NET Framework

Scientific Programming


matlab python-original

Platforms, Tools and Frameworks

ros pcl

Test Automation



Platforms, Tools and Frameworks

National Instruments dSpace