LA Series Inline Amplifiers

  • Typical Noise Figure for L1: <3dB
  • Typical Noise Figure for L1L2: <4dB
  • Input voltage: Between 3-28VDC
  • Current Draw: <10mA
  • Operating Temp.: -55°C to 70°C
  • Storage Temp.: -55°C to 85°C
  • Relative Humidity: 0-100% condensing
  • DC Block Option

As with any electromagnetic radio wave, GPS and GNSS signals become attenuated as they are passed through electrical cable. The amount of signal loss depends on the type and length of the cable used. Typically, when antenna cable runs exceed 50 feet, signal loss can become excessive. The inline amplifiers eliminate this problem by amplifying the GPS signal. With the proper amplifier, you can extend your antenna cable runs to hundreds of feet.

Ravenlink GPS Fiber Optic Link System

  • Greater distance for remote antenna (up to 1,524m)
  • Lower signal loss during transmission
  • Security as the cable does not radiate signals
  • Immune to environmental factors that affect copper
  • Insulated cable so no electrical current can flow through therefore providing the ultimate in lightning and surge protection
  • Immune to electrometric interference and radio-frequency interference
  • Fiber cable can run beside industrial equipment without concern
  • The cable is lightweight, thin and durable; making installation easier to handle, whilst also taking up less space
  • Lower costs to maintain than copper cable

The RVL-1 FIBER is an affordable Multi- Constellation fiber optic solution for remote GPS antenna installations. RVL-1 covers frequency ranges from 800 MHz up to 1800 MHz and passes all of the GNSS frequencies (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, SBAS, L-BAND) over fibre from a few meters up to 1,524 meters (5,000 feet).

This unit has been designed to operate on 12V to 36V AC or DC, allowing the use of low voltage NEC electrical wiring standards to be used at installation. The RVL-1 is designed to operate with any TNC GNSS antenna with at least 34dB gain for a complete solution.


starlink gps down up converter product image

GPS Down / Up Converters

  • GPS Frequency: L1 (1575.42 MHz)
  • Cable Distance to Antenna: Up to 457.2m (1500ft)
  • Cable Distance to Receiver: Up to 30m (100ft)
  • Coax Cable Type: 50 Ohm

The GPS Down / Up converters are the perfect add-on for L1 GPS installations where long antenna cables are needed and a simple in-line amplifier will not suffice. A DUC consists of a down converter at the GPS antenna and an up converter at the RF input of the GPS receiver.

The patented technology phase locks the converter pair to provide high fidelity signal transport. This technique uses the same reference for up and down conversion, eliminating frequency error.

The DUC product is optimized for generic RG-58 cable and can be used for lengths of up to 450 meters.

The DUC system setup is simple.


starlink gps splitter product image

2-Way GPS Signal Splitters

The GPS Signal Splitter allows you to get more use out of a single antenna by dividing the outgoing signal into two separate GPS receivers with minimal signal loss (<4dB). The signal splitters operate over a frequency that allow the GPS, Inmarsat, Omnistar and DGPS radio Beacon signals to be passed through with efficiency and ease.

There are two choices, the Type N and Type TNC connectors, both built with rugged components that will perform no matter the operating environment: land, marine or aviation.