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FA and MA Series Strain Gages

SHOWA Company started manufacture of strain gages for the first place in Japan in 1962 as the foil grid type strain gages. Strain gages are really indispensable means to detect strength and properties of metals, rubber, plastics, ceramics which we are using in our daily life.


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Tension Load Cells, Compression Load Cells, Tension & Compression Load Cells

Since its start for the first place in 1962 in Japan in the development of foil strain gages, SHOWA has consistently devoted itself into the exploitation of foil strain gage based sensors. Above all, as requirements for load cells have been brought to SHOWA most frequently and widely, the models and types of load cells have now become incalculably numerous nowadays including optional or special types. We met with the requirements for the development of new and very special strain gages that are not included in the present production programme but are esentially needed to produce to meet a tendency for high accuracy, very small capacity, and multi-axes in modern load cells, in which a higher reliability is ensured in regard to quality and performances.


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Reaction & Rotary Torque Transducers

Measurements by means of torque transducers are widely made in the motive power property tests, administration of combinable force relating to reliability or safety of the machinery parts, or quality controls including assessments of steering maneuverability force in various industries such as automobiles, railways, electricity, or industrial machines. Torque transducers are generally classified into the two large groups of rotating type and non-rotating type and their detecting mechanisms are various.


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General Purpose, High Pressure, High Accuracy Pressure Transducers

In comparison with other types of pressure transducers, the strain gage type pressure transducer is of higher accuracy, higher stability and of higher responsibility and thanks to these excellent features, the strain gage type pressure transducers are widely used as the high accuracy force detection means.


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Sliding Resistance Wire, Long-Stroke, Cantilever Type Displacement Transducers

There are many sorts of systems in displacement sensors available in the market, including laser systems, eddy current systems, differential transformer systems and so on, among which it has elapsed nearly 40 years since the initial development of our strain gage type displacement transducers. The aim of development of our displacement transducers is to offer sensors inexpensively for use in multi-point displacement measurement systems in addition to the original requirement for stress analysis by means of strain gages. It can safely be said that the strain gage type displacement transducers are at present one of the most widely used displacement sensors including those having the same construction of other manufacturers’ make.


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Uniaxial High Output & High Response, Triaxial High Output & High Response Acceleration Transducers

Differently from Coil type or Piezzo-electric type acceleration Transducers, Strain Gage type Acceleration Transducers can be utilized for measurement of a wide range of accelerations covering static to dynamic spheres. Especially, for the impulsive tests in the field of automobile industry, the “JIS D 1050” (based on the ISO 6487) to which our strain gage type acceleration transducers conform is recommending to effect measurements in the frequency class.


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Digital Transducer Indicator

High accuracy in non-linearity, capable of connecting 4 parallel units of load cells, real time graphical indication of input signals and processing in high speed sampling.