XDL Micro

The XDL Micro is a 0.5-2.0 Watt UHF transceiver designed for integration into products that require either a one or two-way radio communication link covering 70 MHz in a single band. This sophisticated radio utilizes Pacific Crest’s next generation XDL modem technology while remaining backward compatible with existing Pacific Crest and other products. Integrating the latest modem technology from the leader in radio frequency data communications instantly puts your products in touch with the world’s largest installed base of GNSS precise positioning systems.

Key Features

  • 70 MHz Coverage
    Single 403-473 MHz band:

    – Advanced data link design for high performance over entire band
  • High Over-the-Air Link Rate:
    – 19,200 bps (both GMSK and 4FSK)
    – Supports 1 Hz RTK corrections for multi-GNSS receivers
  • Software-Derived Channel Bandwidth:
    – Compatible with both 12.5 and 25 KHz radios
  • High Environmental Capabilities:
    – High vibration tolerance
    – Wide temperature specifications
Integrator’s Guide

XDL Micro Specifications

General Specifications
DTE – DCE Interface 115.2 kbps maximum
User Interface Low Profile 30 Pin Connector, refer to Pin-Outs
in XDL Micro Integrator’s Guide
External Regulated 3.6 VDC =/- 10%
During RX 0.45 Watts nominal @3.6 VDC
During TX 2.9W @ 0.5W RF Output
5.4W @ 2W RF Output
Modem Specifications
Link Rate/Modulation 19,200 bps/4FSK
9600 bps/4FSK
19,200 bps/GMSK
16000 bps/GMSK
9600 bps/GMSK
8000 bps/GMSK
4800 bps/GMSK
Link Protocols Transparent EOT/EOC/FST,Packet-switched, TRIMMARK™,TRIMTALK™, SATEL®
Forward Error Correction Yes
Radio Specifications
Frequency Bands 430-473 MHz
Frequency Control Synthesized 6.25 kHz tuning resolution
Frequency stability +/- 1 PPM
Channel Bandwidth 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz, software derived
RF Transmitter Output 0.5 or 2.0 Watt (Programmable)
Sensitivity -110 dBm BER 10 to power -5
Type Certification Type accepted and certified for operation in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand
Environmental Specifications
Enclosure IP67 (Watertight to depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes)
Operating Temperature
-40˚ to +85˚C (-40˚ to +185˚F)
Operating Temperature
-40˚ to +65˚C (-40˚ to +149˚F)
Storage Temperature
-55˚ to +85˚C (-67˚ to +185˚F)
Vibration Specification MIL-STD-810F
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions 69.8 mm L x 46.6 mm W x 11.2 mm H
2.750” L x 1.835” W x 0.442” H
Weight 40 g (1.4 oz)
Data/Power Connector 30-pin AVX Series 5046