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Compact, Foldable and Multivalent
System for Easy Transport

As the results of latest improvements from Onyxstar®, XENA is a highly professional drone. It has been designed in accordance to robustness, quality, versatility and efficiency fundamentals.



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Heavy Lifter System

Designed for heavy payloads, the HYDRA has 12 motors, allowing it to carry up to 12 Kg (26.5 lbs) of effective payload. In other words, as batteries are already counted, this value refers to sensors and mount only. Such characteristics allows many possibilities that may have seemed impossible in first place.

Thanks to that, the HYDRA-12 is a greatly appreciated tool for conducting supersized operations.


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Powerful System Built for Endurance

Extended version of the FOX-C8 HD drone, the Onyxstar FOX-C8 XT is a lasting, powerful and hard-working solution.

As the largest version from the FOX-C8 family, the XT was developed specifically to perform long missions that requires both precision and accuracy.



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Multivalent System Made
for a Broad Range of Applications

Improved version of the classic FOX-C8 drone, the Onyxstar FOX-C8 HD is a robust, efficient and multi-use UAV. It is made to successfully perform any kind of aerial operation a multirotor can be given.

Powerful and adaptive, the FOX-C8 HD benefits from Onyxstar latest research & development improvements, making it a high quality drone.



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