OPAL™ Performance Series
Panoramic 3D LiDAR

Obscurant-penetrating, panoramic 360° x 30° or 60° FOV 3D LiDAR for harsh environments

For situational awareness applications that require a wider field-of-view surrounding the scanner, the OPAL™ Performance Series Panoramic scanner is the ideal solution. Boasting 360° horizontal and 30°-60° vertical FOVs, the OPAL™ panoramic variant provides the necessary coverage for wide area object detection and situational awareness.

All OPAL™ 3D LiDARs are designed to operate in harsh environments including extended temperature ranges and excessive shock and vibration scenarios.

OPAL™ Performance Series
Conical 3D LiDAR

Obscurant-penetrating, conical with 30° – 120° FOV 3D LiDAR for harsh environments

Designed as a powerful high-resolution scanner for object detection on moving platforms, the OPAL™ Performance Series conical LiDAR focuses the laser in a 30°-120° field-of-view scan pattern to maximize the data density in forward-facing applications.

The innovative scan pattern enables rapid filling of the 3D environment and concentrates the points for real-time object recognition and classification, even when stationary.

OPAL™ Specialty Series

Specialized LiDARs for real-time 3D applications due to OEM customer requirements

At Neptec Technologies we are committed to working with our customers to deliver solutions relevant to their specific application and environment. OEM customers requiring specialized features, specific performance, or enhanced build-quality choose OPAL™ Specialty Series as their LiDAR platform.

For further information on solving your mission-critical problems, contact Neptec Technologies and let us show you how the OPAL™ Specialty Series can exceed your expectations.


neptec lidar 3dri product image

3D Real-time Intelligence™

“Out-of-the-box” intelligent 3D software features for real-time mission-critical applications:

  • Automation change detection
  • Obscurant filtering
  • Object segmentation
  • Object recognition
  • Object tracking

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