Titan Accessories

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mars labs data acquisition system power accessories

Power Accessories

Mars Labs supplies complete Titan device power solutions for indoor/laboratory (AC) and in-vehicle (DC) applications. Titan AC Power Adapters are rated for 100-240V – 50/60 Hz input and can furnish power to single or multiple Titans devices, simplifying wiring and eliminating the need for multiple power sources. Titan DC Power Adapters offer a convenient method of powering Titan devices in-vehicle, either from built-in vehicle power ports or by wiring directly to the vehicle’s power system.

mars labs data acquisition system interconnected cables accessories

System Interconnected Cables

Mars Labs offers a wide range of system interconnect cables for the Titan family of products, including standard and shielded Ethernet cables (CAT5/6), USB (standard and extended lenths), and cables compatible with the FTDI serial interface. Cabling is available in lengths as short as 1.0’ (for highly compact confi gurations), and up to 75’ (Ethernet CAT6)

mars labs data acquisition system input adapters and cables accessories

Input Adapters and Cables

Mars Labs offers a standard assortment of input adapters, cables and mating connectors to facilitate connections for all analog and digital sensor types, including Current (ICP, IEPE, and ISOTRON), Voltage, and Thermocouples (type J, K & T), and specialty cables and connectors to interface with CANbus, Wheel Force Transducers (WFT), Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and GPS sensors

mars labs data acquisition system custom input solution accessories

Custom Input Solutions

Mars Labs can design custom cabling and adapter solutions to meet your specific requirements. Contact the factory for more information

mars labs data acquisition system computers and systems accessories

Computers and Systems

Mars Labs can provide pre-configured systems complete with adapters, cabling and Titan Control Software (TCS) installed on customized netbook or desktop computer systems. Contact the factory with your requirements